How motorcycles are best suited for city roads than four-wheelers in Bangladesh?

Motorbikes are the key source for a personal driving preference on a single person or even two in a family. Though cars are popular and convenient with many features a bike has some craze features that make youngsters go for a bike than a car. On city roads like Dhaka, it is hard to get through the traffic in peak hours in a car. Being the capital city, it is well-populated that leads to more traffic and that is something which annoys daily commuters for their work. As because of these bikes are getting popular by working people for their convenience.

How beneficial bikes are?

Working community is gradually increasing day by day in the country whether it is small or big but daily travel to the workplace is undeniable. A small restaurant worker is not going to buy a car or even an employee at the initial level. Being on a budget a bike is a better choice for traveling on a constant pattern than a car. Beyond the fact of budget traffic and time-saving are the main reasons to choose a bike than to prefer a car. But if someone is ready to afford a car and believes they don’t have a problem with traffic on the roads in the main cities then this is not an issue. But from my side, it will a better choice to buy bike in Bangladesh than even if you are in the rural areas.

Pandemic affect in the market:

Everyone was aware of the pandemic that has been lasting over 2020 and continuing to taunt people in many places. That surely created a huge impact on the different sides of the market and specifically on the automobile market not only in Bangladesh but also all over the world. Though the start of motorcycles was better at the beginning of 2020 it slowly started going during a pandemic because of many reasons but again began to rise year-end continuing till now. Indeed, the first half affected because of many economic reasons along with the COVID-19 situation.

It also helped people take bikes than cars because of the restrictions followed by the government on traveling. In a financial crisis, everyone thought it would be a wiser choice to use bikes than cars to spend more money on fuel and other expenses. As the government has increased the possibilities for the motor market there is a huge competition for best 150cc bike in Bangladesh which is rapidly increasing as youngsters concentrate on bikes with better cc engines. We can see that main road are stuck in traffic often because of huge vehicles lined up so if you own a bike you can even take different routes and get through traffic easily than a car.


Tourists and travelers are often seen using cycles and motorbikes to travel in Bangladesh to get a better experience about the places we travel to. Especially from nearest countries like India, Nepal, and Myanmar tourists are willing to take long trips on their bikes between countries to explore a lot about the country.