How London Heathrow Airport Taxi Service Works

The London Heathrow airport taxi service is an efficient way to keep you on your schedule saving you the time you would spend hailing a cab. It is a hassle free service and following are the steps in which London Heathrow airport taxi service work.

  • Booking:

The first step of London Heathrow airport taxi service is the booking of your taxi. There are two ways you can make a booking the first way is online booking. In this step you will have to provide the details asked in the form. Mostly it will include details of your flight, your passport number, number of person travelling and luggage details. 

This is due to the fact that a regular cab cannot escort more than 4 people in a single car. So if you are more than 5 people then obviously you would need to hire a minivan to meet your requirement. 

The other method is calling them yourself and then booking a taxi. In accordance to that if you fail to make a booking at the London Heathrow airport taxi service you can also request on spot for a vehicle since they are operated 24/7.

  • Payment:

The second step includes method of payment. There are different ways you can make payment. The first method is paying online in advance by your credit card. This is the safest way to make your payment as you won’t have to worry about paying the driver when arriving at the airport. 

The other method is paying the driver on arrival either by cash or by credit card. This shows that how efficient London Heathrow airport taxi service is as compared to local taxi service which sometimes doesn’t offer payment by credit card. Visit for more.

  • Arrival:

After passing through customs, baggage claim area and all the other formalities at the airport you will be greeted by the driver, who will be waiting for you as soon you walk down that escalator. He will be holding a card with your name printed. Saving you the time to look for your driver or even worse hailing a taxi like all those other people who didn’t thought of booking at the London 

Heathrow airport taxi service. The driver will also help you with your luggage as you will be exhausted from your flight. Getting help with your luggage is something that is sometimes not offered by the local taxi service.

  • Travel time and distance:

The last step is the travel time and distance. After being greeted by the driver, your journey to your hotel will start. Considering the fact that most of the hotels in London are situated in central London, the average distance from London Heathrow airport to central London is almost 16 miles. Hence, travel time will be almost 40 to 50 minutes. During this time you can relax in the car while the driver takes you to your destination. After reaching your destination you can bid the driver farewell and remember to pay if you didn’t make the payment before.

  • Travelling back:

This step only takes place if you are going to the London Heathrow airport again. All the same step mentioned above will be applied. If you are a tourist you can make your booking before your flight. But if you had to go on short notice you can always call as they are functional 24/7. You can brief them whether the driver has to pick you from your hotel reception or from the front of your house. It’s always better to prefer London Heathrow airport taxi service over local taxi service.