How Efficient a Family Hatchback is the 2021 Volkswagen Golf?

2021 Volkswagen Golf makes the segment of compact hatchbacks even more valuable, since the segment has suffered a setback with the immense popularity of crossovers. But with a model like the 2021 Volkswagen Golf, this category of family hatchbacks could revive back its lost glory, since many times this small Volkswagen hatchback model is outshining not only other hatchback models but even standing as a strong contender to many same sized crossover models, reported the Seaside Volkswagen dealership.

From the other angle, the 2021 Volkswagen Golf model series is gaining more and more importance even at this era of crossovers, with its higher utility value that allures many prospective buyers who originally had a plan to invest in a crossover model.

Major Hits

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf is a hatchback model that has gathered a larger crowd of buyers around its lineup that has an ideal trim allotted for every budget. Moreover, it is the high fuel efficiency rates that keep the 2021 Volkswagen Golf models ahead of its rivals in its own segment and even from the category of crossovers.

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf makes an alluring travel solution for the small urban families, with its comfort and convenience features, high utility value and of course its agility that makes it easier for the drivers to park it smoothly in a tight basement slot.

Standard Powertrain

The 2021 model year version of the Volkswagen Golf stacks up its three regular trim shades S, SE, and the Autobahn, with different packages of features. But astonishingly, all the trim models use the same 2.0-liter I-4 engine that is capable of sprinting 228-hp, when it gets to pair with a 6-speed manual transmission. This standard power combination is ideal to get the level of drive thrill that not every crossover is able to provide.

The 2021 model year lineup however also offers another variant of power train combination where the 6-speed manual transmission can be replaced by a 7-speed automatic gearbox to make driving even more effortless.

This standard power configuration enables the 2021 Volkswagen Golf with an impressive mileage record of 28 mpg in the city roads and 36 mpg on the highways. These are the records when you drive the 2021 Volkswagen Golf with the manual transmission. But the figures change to29 mpg on the city roads and 35 mpg on if you configure your golf model with the automatic version.

Safety Equipment

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf is capable of being recommended as an ideal family car especially because of its higher standard safety features. In every model of the 2021 Volkswagen Golf series there you get automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, rain sensing windshield wipers and rear cross-traffic alert that saves the hatchback model from getting trapped into unnecessary driving hazards.

According to the Volkswagen dealer Salinas, the 2021 Volkswagen Golf mode series is able to carry out all these functionalities as well as smartphone compatibility through a 6.5-inch touch screen display and through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software.