How Armoured Vehicles Started Serving Military Purposes?

Fully steel covered war wagons accompanied by a crew of men or soldiers with primitive and traditional weapons like flails, hand cannon and muskets were used during the middle age by the rebels of Hussite in Bohemia. This was the war strategy of that contemporary period where the horses and oxen were kept at the centre and all around them were the war wagons formed a chain to protect the oxen and horses from the enemy cavalry. The Chinese empire and English army under Henry 8th also used the same war strategy of war wagons which effectively served the purpose of security and protection in the war. The concept of armoured vehicles was initiated from that era and passed through centuries of step by step development to reach the existing era of modern sophisticated armoured vehicles at our exposure. Contact armored car for sale at Troy Armoring for the most modern, luxurious and reliable armoured vehicles of your choice for your maximum security and protection of your life.

In the process, the Victorian inventors with the invention of steam engine thought of designing self-propelled prototype armoured war vehicles in order to use them in sieges. However, these armoured war vehicles were never used for combating the enemy. In the year 1898, F. R. Simms, the British inventor designed and made the first petrol engine powered Motor Scout. The vehicle was a type of Dion-Bouton quadricycle with a machine gun n the front. A steel sheet on the front of the vehicle protected the operator. This was followed by a different type of armoured vehicle invented at North-western military and naval academy by Royal Page Davidson in 1898. These armoured vehicles may he considered as the primitive form of today’s armoured cars but may not resemble the features and functions of the advanced and sophisticated functions of the armoured vehicles that are used in the defence systems of the military.

The present system of armoured vehicles was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century in the defence of different militaries. F. R. Simms designed the first armoured car and Vickers Sons and Maxim of Barrow- built this motor- war car in 1899. The prototype of this first war car was brought to the floor in 1902. The war car could carry four crew members with two Maxim guns and could run at a speed of 9 miles per hour. At about the same time, the French Charron which was launched in 1902. In the process, the development of armoured vehicles progresses enormously to play a significant role in 1st World War and 2nd World War.