Hit A Curb? Wondering If You Damaged Your Car Rims?

One of the most common minor accidents all drivers will experience at least once in their lifetime is hitting a curb. This can occur when trying to park, after hitting a deep pothole, or even when turning a tight corner. Unless you are a very meticulous driver that is always conscious of how far your mercedes Benz OEM wheels are from the curb, chances are you will accidentally hit it.

Since there is no question on whether or not you will hit a curb, the next matter to attend to is whether the accident has caused serious damage to the rims. A small bump doesn’t sound too bad, but as any experienced driver knows, even the slightest hit can result in major car rim problems.

Here are some important signs to look out for when assessing whether or not the rims of your Mercedes Benz has been compromised:

1 – Visible Damage

There is no denying that a visible dent on the rims of the car is a sign of damage. Some drivers will continue to drive their car without addressing the problem, but it is not safe. In case you see a dent or any visible signs of damage on the rims or on the Mercedes Benz OEM wheels, get your vehicle checked by a mechanic right away, there might be more serious problems that cannot be seen from the outside.

2 – Shaking And Vibrations

Another clear sign of rim damage is when the car starts to shake or vibrate while on the road. Front rim damage causes the steering wheel to vibrate while back rim damage will result in the entire car or the car seat to shake uncontrollably. Of course, there might be other reasons why the vehicle is vibrating, but as soon as it does it is best to get a mechanic to assess the car for damage and needed repairs.

3 – Loss Of PSI

It is possible for tire pressure to fall after sustaining a major hit on the rims. The first sign is when the tire pressure monitoring system starts to alert you of pressure loss regularly. In some cases, the alert will go away when pressure is added to the wheels, but when it keeps signaling for loss of pressure, there might be something more serious happening.

Bent rims result in a broken seal which leads to the loss of tire pressure. IF the TPMS or the tire pressure monitoring system keeps altering you to low PSI it might be time to get the rims replaced.

4 – Braking Problems

Although damaged and bent rims will not directly affect the brakes of your Mercedes Benz, it can be hard to control the vehicle when needing to come to an abrupt stop. Bent rims can make the vehicle pull towards the side when braking which can cause serious roadside accidents during rush hour.

Don’t risk your safety by driving compromised and damaged rims after hitting a curb or a pothole. If it feels like you need to get your vehicle check, trust your gut. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry when it comes to driving.

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