Greater Choices You Can Always Make for the Car Windshield

In order to make the right choice, first of all, you need to understand the concepts of original and non-original glass. Everything is very simple: the original is the one that is installed by the automaker from the factory. But there is one “but” glass is not produced at the automobile plant. They are bought from other contracting firms. This means that for each brand (or even for individual models within the same concern), the windshield is original from only one company, from which it is ordered for new cars. And the “original” from Peugeot will be unoriginal for Mercedes, for example.

The Obvious Option

It becomes obvious that the purchase of such glass is not the most appropriate idea, since it is called “original” only nominally, but costs several times more expensive goods from other companies with high quality workmanship.

Now that we have understood the terminology, it’s worth moving on to the main characteristics that you need to pay attention to if you want to make the right choice when buying a windshield.

  1. Never buy glass in blind. If you nevertheless decided to order a “Car Windshieldet” in the online store, carefully examine it for cracks, scratches, turbidity and overwriting when taking it. Even the slightest distortion can indicate marriage and sadly affect further exploitation.
  2. Carefully measure the geometry and dimensions of the seat and the glass itself. Deviation of at least 1 centimeter will not allow you to put a new part in place.
  3. When purchasing, it is also important to inspect the edge for integrity. There should not be any film residue, burrs or bumps. The unevenness of the sides can mean that the glass is made in haste at a second-rate enterprise.
  4. The distortion of the picture. The safety of the driver and passengers depends on the correct choice of the windshield. Do not be lazy and thoroughly check the image quality through the glass. In this case, the Crooked Mirror can play a trick on you: the distance to the objects should not be distorted.
  5. Glass marking. Each manufacturer puts its impression with the date of manufacture, the country of manufacture, the type of glass, the name of the factory in which it was produced, and the state standards to which the spare part must comply. If, after a full examination of the part, no sign is found, this is another unpleasant “bell”.

On the marking should be the designation “T” – tempered glass or “WL” – triplex. The first type of glass is now practically not used, it is being replaced with a more popular, second option.

The essence of manufacturing a triplex is simple: Between the glasses with a thickness of 2 millimeters, a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film is laid, which glues two layers. Such glass will be more durable and safer than tempered glass.

Of course, you would not want to think about how to choose a windshield for a car. But believe me, no one knows when this problem can enter your home without even wiping your feet on the threshold. It is better to be prepared for this in advance.