Great Apps to Find a Used Car on a Tight Budget


A car is a necessity for most of us. Few have the luxury to have their home and workplace within a mile from each other. In fact, the distances we cross in order to reach our place of employment seem to be increasing. My current job is located 20 miles from where I live and my previous one was no less than 17. I couldn’t possibly manage without a car. The trouble is, buying a new one isn’t cheap. Sticking to a budget can be difficult and it’s well worth considering how much you can really spend before committing to a deal.

Buy a used car to avoid running into debt

For the budget-conscious, the most obvious choice is buying a pre-owned vehicle. There is no need to go for the latest model when one from five or six years ago could serve you just as well. Mine is from 2010 and I have zero complaints. Learn all you need to know about how to buy a used car and you’ll be surprised how much you can save. Plenty of online resources will allow you to sort cars by price range and only browse through those that fit your buying potential. This way you won’t be tempted into taking out a loan that will take forever to repay. Fees when buying a used car tend to be lower too. Always come prepared and don’t forget to check what documents do you need to buy a car in your state.

Find the exact model you want even if you’re on a tight budget

If you’re asking yourself – should I buy an older car? – the answer is more than likely to be “yes!” But what if your preferred model is not available? Chances are, it will be. In this day and age, the internet offers the answer to every dilemma. In fact, you are most likely to find the right car for yourself using your smartphone. Believe it or not, I picked mine using an app. I stumbled upon this list a couple of months ago and managed to get a good deal in a matter of weeks.

Top Apps to Buy Best Used Cars on a Budget

Browse around and learn how to find the exact used car you want. Staying informed of all the possibilities is crucial. Buying a used car with 30000 miles or less has never been easier.

Pick a trustworthy seller & never get duped

Car salesmen are almost proverbially tricky to deal with so buying a used car can pose a challenge for those less experienced. I am driving my fifth four-wheeler so I know a thing or two when it comes to buying well. If you opt for purchasing online, always read the reviews, stick to your used car buying checklist, and get informed about every private seller you get in touch with. It is also good to know how much is a used car from a dealership and the fees that come with it. Different times of the year bring price fluctuations so do your research and consider when is it smart to buy a car. Never rush into a deal and never ever pay the deposit on a used car if you’re not 100% sure you’re getting what you’re looking for.


A car is a big investment and opting for a used vehicle is a great way to save some cash. Today, plenty of apps offer you the opportunity to browse through literally thousands of cars and pick the exact model you want. As someone who has taken this route a couple of times, I can advise you to always do your research, be informed, and never settle for less. Know who you’re buying from and you will be able to drive your four-wheeler in the years to come.