Finer Values for the Best Car Insurance and More

The first thing you should know is what auto insurance is for. These, in addition to being mandatory, cover the damages that your vehicle or that of third parties may suffer in the event, for example, of suffering a traffic accident. You can get the Check MOT History and more there.

Insurance modalities

Before hiring your car insurance you have to know the types of insurance that are on the market and what coverage each includes:

Auto insurance at all risks: this covers damages to third parties and also own damages, that is, those of the insured car, provided that the owner of the car is the culprit. Each company has its own products but they usually offer some other complement such as mechanical assistance, coverage for the loss of points, legal advice and management.

Full risk auto insurance with franchise: these policies are very similar to those of all risks but differ in the cost of the damages caused, that is, these damages will be borne in part, by the owner of the vehicle considered guilty and, in part, in charge of the insurance company.

Basic third party insurance: the coverage of this modality is intended to cover damages caused only to third parties, as long as the owner of the insured vehicle has been the culprit. This insurance is the minimum required by law. For more about this matter you can visit now.

Extended third party auto insurance is a type of car insurance that includes the same modality as basic third party insurance but adds some more coverage such as damage to the car windows, theft and fire of the vehicle. In addition to these, some insurers include the defense of fines, subsidy for withdrawal of the license or replacement vehicle.

Before insuring our vehicle

According to the use I am going to make of the car, what covers will I need?

Here you must analyze what your needs are as the market is very wide and despite the fact that all policies appear the same, not all meet the same conditions. So depending on the use it is better to take out insurance or another: if you travel it would often be interesting to have a full roadside assistance guarantee that assists in the event of a breakdown or accident 24 hours a day. On the other hand, if you park the car in an area that is not safe, it will be convenient to include theft coverage or if, for example, you use the car as a work tool, you will need to have a replacement car in case of an accident.

What type of car insurance should I take out?

The modality that is chosen will depend on the degree of protection that you want to have, that is, if you have just bought a new vehicle and want to have complete coverage that includes theft, the ideal would be full risk or extended third parties. If, on the other hand, your car is old (from five years), the best thing to do is to take out insurance from third parties.

How to choose an insurer among all the options on the market?

There are many insurers that offer products that are very similar in appearance but that actually cover different things. So the best solution is to use the comparative safety, that by introducing some basic information about the driver and the vehicle, says what the best deals and compare the price and coverage of the different options market.