Finer Choices for the Perfect Radar Detector


Insurance, maintenance, consumables, gas, fines, and sometimes even paying a loan for a car – the motorist is full of expenses. Fortunately, one of the articles can be reduced. By choosing the right radar detector for your car, you will know in advance where to slow down and be extremely careful in observing traffic rules so as not to receive a “letter of happiness” or another piece of paper notifying you of a fine. So, choose a radar detector together.

Radar detector or radar detector?

It so happened that radar detectors are often called radar detectors. However, these are two completely different types of devices. Radar detectors interfere with the fact that police devices could not determine your speed. These devices are prohibited in Russia, and if you somehow managed to get it, it is better not to come across. Choosing a radar detector, you go to the crime.

But radar detectors are a completely different matter. They spot police radars and warn you even before they determine the speed. Forewarned is forearmed. Slow down and calmly pass the “dangerous” section, observing traffic rules. Bingo. No protocols and “letters of happiness.”

Pick up a radar detector

What is the operating range?

All police radars, of which there are a great many, operate in one or another frequency range. Therefore, for absolute protection, it is important to choose a radar detector with the widest range of supported ranges, because then it will be able to “catch” more models of police radars and laser speed meters. Most modern radar detectors can detect device signals in the X / Ultra X, K / Ultra K, Ka and L-bands. 

So even inexpensive models can do you a great service

However, one of the worst enemies of the motorist are the video recording systems. Created on the basis of a radar installation of military aircraft, these devices send out “letters of happiness” with the attached photo of your car, the speed and amount of the fine. Radar detectors detecting Cobra are more expensive. Having chosen such a radar detector, you will learn about Cobra for another 1,500 meters, so there will be plenty of time to reduce speed. However, today the “Cobra” detects the vast majority of radar detectors. You can go for the best motorcycle radar detector there.

Also pay attention to the ability of a radar detector to pick up the signals of certain models of laser meters and radars, for example, LISD and Robot, the latter of which can record not only deviation from high-speed mode, but also other traffic violations. Such extended protection is provided, for example, by Neoline X-COP 3700 and above radar detectors.