Everything You Need to Know About Car Modification

Cars have become inevitable and the preference for the car is growing enormously along with the modification. The reasons for growing car modification are basically for getting noticed and safety factors. The modification helps your car especially noticed from among the other cars while riding on the road. Modification makes your car different from other cars in terms of appearance and performance. Get your car the modification from Tech Teinte for the great performance and special look of your car.

Car modification is to bring about ideal changes in your car qualitatively as well as in the appearance of the car. There are different types of car modifications available in the market. The overall car modification is categorised into three basic types; (1) performance modification, (2) functional modification, and (3) cosmetic or aesthetic modification.

The performance modification is the upgrading of the performance of the car by boosting the power, enhancing the handling, enhancing the fuel efficiency etc. of the car. The performance modification includes further working on the engine, examining the exhaust system, checking the air filter, suspension, brakes, tyres etc.

The functional modification is to add or change specific features and functions of the car. Through functional modification the features like air conditioning, sunroofs, car phone, a navigation system, roof racks etc. are either installed or modified with latest and advanced equipment. When you buy a new car, the manufacturer may or may not add or install certain functionalities or features. If you need specific features and functions, you can add them or change them through functional modification of your car.

Cosmetic or aesthetic modification is normally done on the exterior as well as the interior of the car in order to provide a unique look to the car. A Cosmetic modification also brings significant functional as well as performance related changes in the car. For example, some advanced and latest body kits of the cars give enhanced stabilities and better aerodynamics to the vehicle which are normally not included in the manufacturing.

Some of the common modification popularly sought by the customers are supercharger or turbocharger of the engine, Engine Control Unit or popularly called UCU for regulating the air and fuel mixing in the engine, installation of Nitrous injection kit, transmission upgrade which is a change in the gearbox, upgrade of brakes particularly the brake shoes and master cylinders, suspension upgrade, exhaust system, satellite navigation system, advanced air conditioning system, car phone, parking sensors etc.