Estimated Costs for Common Auto Body Repairs

Auto body repair can be several types. From fixing small scratched to replacing the parts completely everything comes under the body repair section. Hence, the cost associated with your car body repair will also vary depending on the work you are getting done. The bill may approximately range between $75 to $3,000 or maybe more. The estimated cost is dependent on the damage to your car and whom you hire for the work. Here we would familiarize you with some common car repair costs that you can expect if your car requires some repair.

Understand the body damage of your car and the expected cost

The body damage in a car can happen anywhere, however, some of the common types of repair that any auto body shop witnesses regularly are Bumper damage (front or rear), door damage, windshield, and paint damage. These types of body damages can happen due to improper parking, minor collision, or hit-and-run incidents. Some repairs can be covered by insurance, although you would have to pay a deductible amount.

Estimated cost for common auto body parts

Some of the potential costs for the common auto body parts are mentioned below:

Car bumperIf you want to replace or do mobile bumper repair chandler az, your cost can range from $300 to $1,500. The range is wide, but it includes everything from fixing minor dents, scratches to complete replacements. Replacement costs can be higher as they include more than just the bumper.

Car door repair – Tiny dents on the door of your car can be quick and cheap. The paint-less car dent repairs start from $50 and go up depending on the size of the dent. If there is more damage beyond the scratches, you can expect to pay more.

Windshield – Replacing the windshield of your car can cost you something between $250 to $1000 and more. Small cracks on your windshield will cost you $60 or less than that. If the cracks are big, you would have to replace them and the minimum cost for that is $250.

The factors that affect the cost to repair your car body damage are the type of damage, location, the repair shop, make, and the model of your car. Make sure you get the estimated cost before you choose a particular auto shop to get the repair work done.

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