Essential bike maintenance tips-everyone should know

Are you planning to buy the best 125cc scooty in India? Bike maintenance plays an important role for bike owners. It is a general tendency not to maintain a bike after a few months of purchase. There are some essential tips to maintain your bike smooth-riding wherever you are.

Regularly check Tyres

Make sure that the tyre air pressure is maintained at the levels which are mentioned by the bike manufacturer. Do check tyres for possible cuts and scrapes that could cause undesirable things like a tyre blow out. Do not forget to check the tyres properly at least once a week.

Check engine oil

The engine oil plays an important role in a smooth operation and maintenance of your dream bike. Regularly check the level of engine oil and always maintain a correct level. Due to the presence of carbon deposits, the oil is going to thicken and it creates a drag in the movement of engine internals. The best engine oil helps you to ride your bike smoothly.

Transmission system

Your bike chain needs a regular lubricant as well as cleaning and adjustment. Use a piece of cloth and a soft brush to remove the dirt which has accumulated in the chain. Never use the water for cleaning the chains, as that can rust the chain links. Once the dirt has been cleaned completely with the help of a brush and wipes the chain with a clean dry cloth. You can use the engine oil to lubricate the chain links and the chain.

Maintain brakes

Always keep both the brakes to hold the tyre properly spaced. In this case, brakes becoming too tight, or too loose is very dangerous. Brakes are always recommended to be tightened as per the bike riders personal style and a requirement. Replace the brake pads in the front if screeching sound persists, this could also be a lack of oil.

Cleaning the surface

The two-wheeler body surface has to clean regularly to maintain the surface finish. Before you start cleaning the bike, make sure that the ignition switch and silencer are thoroughly covered using plastic sheets. The hf Deluxe bike covers are of good quality and this can protect a bike from water and sunlight. Avoid exposing your dream bike to direct sunlight, try to park your bike near shade, frequent exposure to sunlight will dull your bike appearance.


Servicing your bike regularly and tuning it up would keep your bike engine running like clockwork, thus reducing your petrol bills. Do pay some special attention, while cleaning the carburetor and maintaining valve clearances. Remember to keep the carburetor always clean. Most of the modern bikes these days would require the choke to be used, to work on a cold start. Using a choke helps in meeting the emission norms and also the fuel efficiency requirements.

Bottom line

These are some of the bike maintenance tips that you have to know. Having a bike is not only enough, you will also have to know how to maintain them in a good condition.