Easiest Place to Pass Your Driving Test Perth?

Kelmscott is the Winner

Department of transport figures reveal that Mirrabooka is dished out the most fails this year, while Kelmscott and Rockingham handed out the most passes. But why? Is there something in the water further South? Are the driving assessors more perky? Is it the sea breeze closer to the Coast?

Instructor Quality

“No it isn’t” Analyst Jeffrey Finch explained to us today. “It is most likely a combination of things including the demographics in the area, the traffic conditions and the quality of the local driving instructors.”

“For example the traffic conditions in City West cannot be compared to the quiet streets of Kelmscott. The demographics in Mirrabooka, with far more migrants to Australia transferring a license from another country without proper Australian road experience will also dilute the test results. Finally, the quality of driving instructors in Kelmscott is second to none amongst the West Australian area.” This is demonstrated, for example, on analytical top site www.bestdrivingschoolsinperth.com.au which show 10 out of 12 of the best driving instructors in WA are located in Kelmscott alone, championing the South and Northern suburbs.

Top Driving Instructors Advice

But with the addition to 50 logbook hours, why are more and more people failing their driving test? We caught up with top Kelmscott driving instructor Mike Anderson from Affordable Driving Lessons ( www.drivinglessonsperthwa.com.au ) and asked his opinion. “I am meeting more and more poorly trained drivers that never look behind themselves before reversing, can’t steer efficiently, don’t fit in with traffic, and check their mirrors for theatrical purposes rather than functional ones”, he stated. “The problem is candidates practice steering in a way that they think will pass their test and not in a way that is practical and efficient. Candidates check their mirrors in a theatrical manner that they believe will please an assessor without actually using them to drive and fit in with traffic.”

“A lot of them have had very poor instruction, and have been told to do these things by driving instructors who have a certificate IV in driving instruction but have never been tested by the Department of Transport. For example you may have excellent, efficient, fluid hand-over-hand steering, but a driving instructor with poor knowledge with poo-poo that and tell you that you will fail your test if you cross your hands, which is simply false and money-grabbing.”

Franks Words of Wisdom

Frank knight, professional driving instructor added that “Testing a driver’s ability to operate and guide a car, obey road rules, fit in with traffic and respond to hazards when the only training a young candidate has is filling a log book with 50 hours of driving supervised by a parent is unlikely to work either. Since the focus has shifted to a number of hours, “getting the hours up” is a common mistake and generally leads to bad habits. Find a quality instructor. There are plenty of cowboys out there. There are websites to help such as www.bestdrivingschoolsinperth.com.au ”

Regional Centres

Some candidates drive all the way out to regional centres expecting an easy test with little to no traffic. But there is a problem.

“If you are looking for an easy test, you won’t find one. If you have driven 2 hours from the city, your intentions will be glaringly transparent to the assessor. It is not ethical to cheat your way out of a driving assessment when you are sat behind a deadly weapon.”

The Answer?

So if you are in need of your provisional license or are looking to transfer to your Australian one, the only advice that is consistent is locating a quality driving instructor. We recommend that you check their reviews, ask if they have been tested regularly by the Dept of Transport Compliance.