Dutch Grand Prix back in The Netherlands for 2020 Formula 1 Calendar

Game lovers all over the world need no or little introduction about the Formula One Grand Prix racing. Every year around the world in various countries the formula grand Prix race is organized with great pomp. The best part is that there is no occasion when racing lovers, enthusiasts fail to attend this adrenaline rushing and energetic game. Till now there are only a few countries in the world that have enjoyed the privilege of organizing this prestigious and popular sports event. But now Netherlands will be the latest inclusion in this list of thosecountries. According to a press release by the Formula One committee, in the next calendar year Netherlands will organize its first grand Prix racing championship since 1985 in Zandvoort, situated near the capital city of Netherlands Amsterdam.

Why the Netherlands is included?

If things go well then next year the Netherlands is going to organize another scintillating formula Grand Prix championship in the outskirts of Amsterdam, in thehistoric seaside resort circuit Zandvoort. This very place itself had seen the history in making for quite a few occasions during its racing days from 1952 to 1985. But after that, there was along gap of almost 34 years. But in the next calendar year Zandvoort’s fortune will shine again when top racing champions will race here. But what makes this possible again and bring cheer and joy to the Dutch racing lovers? If you have to go by the words of Chase Carey, chief executive of formula one, due to their twin policy of finding new venues for the championship and respecting the sport’s roots in Europe, they have selected Zandvoort as one of the latest inclusion in the list. Moreover the growing popularity of Dutch racer Max Verstappen is also another reason which makes them think of this historic venue again.

Verstappen: new heartthrob of racing lovers

 Born 12 years after the historic win of Niki Lauda in 1985 in Zandvoort, Max Verstappen, the wonder kid in the formula one arena is unarguably one of the most sensational racers that you can find at the moment. He also holds the record of being the youngest winner of the formula championship ever, too. This is the reason all over the world the popularity of this wonder kid is growing day by day and the Netherlands is his own country is no different in this case. Rather he has a large fan following in the Netherlands and thus if a formula one championship is going to happen then there will be a huge attendance, which is not only good for him but also for the championship as well. According to the report, this track will get the opportunity to host the game for at least coming three years.

How to enjoy the game fullest?

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