Dreamt of driving the favourite Mitsubishi car then buy it: 

If someone only dreamt about buying the dream Mitsubishi car but couldn’t due to availability of Mitsubishi center. Then this problem has come to an end. Because now Mitsubishi center near “Erawan” [มิต ชู เอราวัณ, which is the term in Thai] has opened. Now people near Erawan need not go to other parts of Bangkok in order to buy their dream car. All the variants of Mitsubishi car are available there. So, suppose a person couldn’t find the newly launched New Mirage or XPANDER then it is also available here. Not only these two but all the variants of Mitsubishi name it and one can find it there. 

Mitsubishi center also offers its customer after-sales service which is a very good thing. So, the customer need not go somewhere else in order to do the servicing. All types of servicing like body paint, repair, spare parts, full servicing of the car done there. And also, an insurance company is there to provide support for the repair of body and paint. 

Is used hand car also there?

Yes, if someone doesn’t even enough money then Mitsubishi center in Erawan also provides used car to their customers. There must be question will arise in someone’s mind is the used car worth purchasing?

Then, the answer is always in affirmative. All the used cars go through intense checking before delivering it to the customers. There were no tests happen on the used car to check if it is fully operational or not. And only those cars who passed the test put on sales. So, it is trustworthy for many people who want to buy a used car. It is also the reputation of Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi can’t afford to damage their reputation.