Choosing the Right Wheelchair Van Rental

A number of varying factors are there to consider when selecting the ideal mobility device van rental. A lowered floor with side-entry minivan is going to work in a lot of instances. Recognizing the dimensions of your scooter or wheelchair is crucial to the option procedure.

Prior to you for any rental wheelchair vans, please take a moment to measure:

  • HEIGHT: Step from the floor to the top of the mobility device individual’s head while being in their chair or mobility scooter.
  • SIZE: Determine the scooter or wheelchair from frontside to backside, taking into consideration the individual’s feet as well as footrests, clinical equipment, baskets, as well as any kind of other outcroppings.
  • WIDTH: Determine the wheelchair from side to side at the widest point, taking notice of arm resting or other projections over the flooring level.
  • WEIGHT: What are the mixed weight of the wheelchair or mobility scooter and the user?

Other points to take into consideration:

  • How many travelers will you have?
  • Will you need a baggage storage space?
  • Is there any type of additional clinical tools?

There are numerous designs of lowered floor side-entry minivans. The door at the side has opening elevation varying from 52-56 ½ inches. The height interiorly ranges from 57-61 inches. The ramp size is generally 29.25 inches broad. The conversions will fit a chair size of 45-57 inches behind the pole positions, as well as including an added 30″+ if we eliminate the front passenger seat. A lot of ramps will suit as much as 800 lbs. A rental professional will be happy to seek advice from you as well as suggest a wheelchair van renting to the finest match your demands.

Therefore, search for a reputed wheelchair van renting company so that you don’t face any kind of problem after you have rented your vehicle.