Checking Your Vehicles Leaf Springs

What Vehicles Use Leaf Springs?

Leaf springs are designed to support the suspension system and the overall load a vehicle can take. You will commonly find leaf springs on vehicles such as vans, trucks and trailers such as the Ford Transit, Nissan Navara and many more. Over time leaf springs wear like any other part of the vehicle and they can crack or snap fully and at this point, you will need to source a replacement.

Replacing Your Leaf Springs

Any damage to the leaf spring puts your vehicle at severe risk and if it snaps whilst you’re driving it, then it could cause other problems with the vehicle too. When maintaining your vehicle, we also suggest cranking it up on a lift, so you can see what condition the leaf springs are in; bare in mind that the more stress and weight the vehicle is put under the quicker the leaf springs will give out. If you notice any cracking, flattening or breaking on one or both of your leaf springs, then they will need to be replaced.

Where do I buy leaf springs from?

Leaf springs can be sourced from a number of places, however due to the speciality of the part there are a number of dedicated retailers that solely focusing on offering them such as If you are unsure of the amount you require or the specific type for your make and model, the chosen supplier will be able to provide advice and guidance on the best ones to purchase.

Once you have ordered your replacement part, you will then need to think about fitting it and who can do it. Some people are more than capable of fitting leaf springs themselves if they have worked on vehicles previously or are following a guide/manual when doing so. However to ensure full compatibility and to prevent any future failure or damage to the vehicle it is always recommended to have a professional fit them for you.

Fitting The Leaf Springs To Your Vehicle

You should consider finding a local mechanic or garage that specialises in leaf springs to fit them for you. These types of people will have the skills and knowledge needed to prevent any issues occuring during the fitting and they will ensure they are fitted correctly. It is important to consider and check with a mechanic or garage first before ordering parts, to see if they offer a labour only service.

Many garages use their own recommended suppliers for parts, so it could cost you double if you don’t check with them first. Although the most common option is to have someone else fit them for you, if you’re competent at following tutorials or have experience yourself working with vehicles, then it might be best to fit them yourself.

Jim Lewis

Jim Lewis is worked as a Cadillac sales for several dealerships over many years. He is currently managing used car dealerships, luxury cars and cars for sale Huntsville AL. He enjoys writing about brand’s vehicles and upcoming projects.