Can India make the transition to electric vehicles?



Electric cars are the past as well as the future of India. They predated the internal combustion engine and emulate with it in the early days of passenger vehicle production. Internal ignition engines won the battle once Henry Ford rolled out the affordable Model T. It almost took a century for electric passenger cars to make an upturn. Four wheelers are widely used in rural and semi-urban India. 

What are the chances that enough electric car charging stations will be set up in such places? India has fewer than 500 public electric vehicle chargers compared to China, which has over 300,000. But China doesn’t seem to be planning a ban on internal combustion engines. Some companies in India have been resisting the change, but it seems to happen anyways, however much these companies resist it. Power cuts are depressingly common across India. Some power cuts last for hours and in some states, it is common for outages to run for days. 

However, India’s dependence on mining and burning coal to produce electricity will help benefit the environment. With an electric car, you can save on road tax as well as petrol; with hybrid drivers enjoying cut rates, and purely electric vehicles will not have to pay anything at all. When you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle, there are a lot of things to consider- from charging locations to the financial outcomes. Another thing to worry about: What about car insurance? Is the car insurance policy for an electric vehicle different than the policy for insuring other cars? What about car insurance renewal? However, the good news is that auto insurance covering an electric car works just like the insurance of a car with an internal combustion engine. 

Finally, if you have any queries about buying car insurance  for your electric car, it’s a great idea to talk to your insurance agent about it. Since electric cars are relatively new, even the insurance industry has a bit of catching up to do before all providers offer a standard cover for electric cars. Moreover, there are insurance companies that specialize in car insurance for electric cars who provide conventional cover for all levels, with a lot of focus on issues specific to electric vehicles, like renting out electric cars and battery recharging.

There are also plenty of top up plans available such as zero depreciation car insurance or roadside assistance cover; you will just have to specify your requirements, understand the types of coverage that are available and provide any additional information to help you choose the best insurance when you apply.