Buying Used Cars? Check These to Stay on a Safer Side

It is a tough decision already to invest in a used car and not a new one. But if you have come up to this stage, you must now be very careful in checking everything about the car you will be taking. We have made a major checklist that is pretty much handy and almost everyone can follow.

  • Vehicle history- You need to know as much as possible from the current owner of that car. This will be followed by research of your own. You can use paid services using your Vehicle Identification Number to understand if the car had previous accidents. If there are accidents present, try looking for some other model.
  • Appearance damage- Inspect the car thoroughly and spot for paint damages or the presence of rust chaffs. Small and minor rust issues are workable and can be easily repaired. If the car has large paint worries or if the metal is thoroughly rusted, you should think again about finalizing the deal.
  • Frame issues- The frame must also be inspected right in the beginning. You must look for if the car is sitting at a level on the ground or if anything is hanging from the undercarriage. Take a look at the bumpers and inside the trunk and hood.
  • Tyre condition- The tyres must wear out evenly and all of the four tyres should match each other. Uneven or extra wearing will determine poor alignment and might be the result of steering, suspension, or even frame issues.
  • Mileage- A car can move about 20,000km in a year. To understand the right sense of mileage, divide the odometer reading by the age of the car. A high mileage car will often have extra wear and tear and its mechanical components will be under strain.
  • Upholstery- You do not want to settle for a car that needs a completely new interior makeover. Check for the upholstery wear and tear, staining and leather cracks in all of the front and the back seats.
  • Test drive- After having the entire thing tested and checked, you have now reached the most important stage of buying the used car. Test driving can help you understand its acceleration, braking, and suspension abilities. Also, try parking it in parallel spaces and get a hold of its blind spots. has its entire inventory tested and certified to give you a hassle-free and an assured driving experience.

Jim Lewis

Jim Lewis is worked as a Cadillac sales for several dealerships over many years. He is currently managing used car dealerships, luxury cars and cars for sale Huntsville AL. He enjoys writing about brand’s vehicles and upcoming projects.