Buying Motocross Gear? Consider These Factors.

Motorcycle riding is an activity full of fun, however, it is inherently risky. While riding a motorcycle, the only thing that would save your body from advanced injuries is proper bike gear. It is the ultimate wear that every rider must-have. The protective gear package includes a quality helmet, gloves, jersey, boots, chest protectors, knee pads and braces, wrist braces and googles. Every motorcycle rider should have motocross gear & accessories before getting ready to ride off the road. The difference between motocross gear and motorcycle gear for street riding is that motocross gear has a shorter lifespan because it is used on rough terrains. It is used in an abusive way. The rider sometimes has to hit the dirt, yes it is not a good thing to anticipate that the rider will hit the dirt o hard, but sometimes it happens and the fall is so hard such that the gear sustains tear holes. The jersey could also scuff up. For this reason, a rider should have more protective motocross gear to take care of himself just in case they hit the dirt.

What to Consider When Buying a Protective Motocross Gear


The gear should be easy to wear and should not prevent you from operating the motorcycle. Some people buy too tight jerseys that do not allow them to comfortably change the gears. When buying the gear, ensure you get a well-fitting jersey that has an allowance. It also should be light enough to allow airflow and at the same time strong enough to protect you’re the rider from injuries. Motocross riding requires the rider to bend and extend the knees from time to time. Waist movement is a must when navigating corners and sharp turns. The pant you choose should allow for shifts of your weight on your bike. Go for pants that are flexible and can slightly stretch so that they don’t malfunction when you riding.


In as much as dirt bikes could throw you in the dirt from time to time, your jersey should not get torn on the first fall. It should be resistant to wear and tear and should at least give the rider value for their money. Durability is a significant feature because your pants keep on sliding against the seat of the motorcycle when you ride aggressively. The continuous rubbing against the surface leads to wear and tear. A good pant should be of a material that does not wear and tear easily. However, it should neither bee too heavy to make you comfortable when riding.  The best dual-sport kawasaki klr650 should be thick and durable and a good example of a durable jersey is the one that has cowhide leather.