Buying An Automotive Diagnostic Scanner? Here’s A Feature Checklist For You

Car owners would acknowledge the value of a comprehensive automotive diagnostic scanner during technical snags. Now, you might be willing to purchase Foxwell i70 PRO, one of these smart scanners for your car. In this post, we will quickly run through the set of features your scanner should offer. Most of these sophisticated devices can detect errors in multiple vehicles. With this guideline, you can make a more informed decision when you make your purchase.

Feature checklist

Buying a feature-rich automotive diagnostic scanner may prove to be a tough decision. Systems like Foxwell i70 PRO offer a great compatibility.

  • Buy a scanner supporting several service functions (Foxwell i70 PRO supports more than 25)
  • Your scanner should support more than 10,000 models

ABS Bleeding: This is another prime feature you should look out for.ABS Bleeding carries out several bi-directional tests in the vehicle. In the process, it examines the operating conditions of the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System).

Auto VIN Scan technology

Some of the best scanners in the market come with the Auto VIN Scan technology. This helps the driver to retrieve information related to the manufacturer, brand, year and model in a single touch.

EPB reset: Another great feature you should check in your automotive diagnostic scanner, it enables you to carry out maintenance and service of the brake systems. This includes:

  • Bleeding the brake fluid
  • Activation and deactivation of the brake control system
  • Setting of brakes after pad or disc replacement
  • Closing and opening of brake pads

Active Test: Sophisticated scanners like Foxwell i70 PRO can access component tests and subsystem specific to vehicles. It provides an output command to turn the actuators on or off. In the process, it can detect possible glitches in the car subsystems in quick time.

Languages supported: It is recommended to get a scanner that supports multiple languages. The reputed brands have come up with automotive diagnostic scanners that support as many as 14 languages. In particular Foxwell i70 PRO supports the following languages:

    • English
    • Russian
    • German
    • Polish
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Japanese
    • Swedish
    • Korean
    • Chinese traditional
    • Chinese simplified
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
    • French

One of the best features of this scanner is that, you can get free updates for three years after making the purchase. Once you get this scanning tool registered, you can download the latest updates on diagnostic software. It is easy to update the system, and you can carry out the process online. Simply connect your Wi-Fi to the scanner and the system will be updated in a single click.

Should you buy an automotive diagnostic scanner?

With evolving technology, modern cars are gaining sophistication. Within these vehicles, computer systems carry out several processes. Whenever anything goes wrong, you will get an update in the system. It would be wise to carry an automotive diagnostic scanner, as you need not spend your time and money visiting the technician. With one of the branded scanners at your disposal, you can check the issue and get it fixed.

Presently, Foxwell i70 PRO has been gaining popularity due to the wise plethora of features it offers. You may consider purchasing this comprehensive scanner for your car.