Buying a Used Car- What are the Most Reliable Used Cars Under 15000

Buying a used car can help you save money as long as you shop wisely. Yes, your monthly car payments are likely to be much cheaper than with a new car, but the cost of repairs, insurance, and car maintenance also needs to be considered as you shop for your new used car. However, there are many cars that are reliable and can withstand a long journey. At the end of the day, all cars require you to front money for wear and tear and maintenance, it just so happens that the ones listed below won’t break the bank. 

How we made our choices

We came up with a list of best used cars under $15,000 by looking at sales data from sites such as CarMax, and through vetted user reviews. Our research looked at every possible detail so we could come up with a comprehensive list of cars that will truly last, all while helping you save.

Nissan Versa 

  • Price: $9,998-$14,000
  • Engine: 4-cyl Gas 1.6L
  • MPG: 27-35


This roomy sedan is both compact and sleek. Powered with a 1.6L 4-Cylinder gas engine, it also has great mileage so you know you’ll save money on fuel in the long run. With its ABS brakes, you’re sure to be kept safe if and when you need to make a quick stop. The 2017-2019 base model S is equipped with a 5-gear manual transmission, and other models are available with an automatic transmission. 2017 models and up also include specs such as, power mirrors, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, overhead and side airbags, and 107 torque @4400rpm 

Kia Soul 

  • Price: starting at $9,599
  • Engine: 4cyl, Gas 1.6L
  • MPG: 25-30

The Kia Soul is a great car for its class! There are some interesting add-ons to choose from, and its design makes quite the statement. IHS chose it as one of the safest cars in 2012, and it has the powerful brakes to deliver on this promise. Additionally, its manual transmission offers six gear shifts, and its automatic version has six speeds as well. A few other perks include its 138 horsepower @6300rpm and electric power-steering.

Hyundai Sonata 

  • Price: starting at $11,999
  • Engine: 4cyl, Gas 2.0L
  • MPG: 22-34

This chic midsize sedan is a comfortable size. It features a front-wheel drive and four cylinder engine. With both cruise control and a blind spot monitor, this is a safe car that still looks stylish. You can choose from up to three engine styles for models between the years 2017-2019. You should also know aboutits 185 horsepower @6000 rpm, 45.5” of driver leg room, and its auxiliary audio input. 

Toyota Corolla 

  • Price: $9,559-$14,998
  • Engine: 4cyl, Gas 1.8L
  • MPG: 28-36

Toyota Corollas have been reliable cars in both their new and used forms for ages! A favorite for small families and as great first cars for young adults who need versatility, the Toyota Corolla is known for its fuel efficiency. The car also features 128 lb-ft of torque and is available in a wide array of colors to suit every taste. Some other great features in 2019 models are side and overhead airbags and a rearview camera. Rear defrosters will also help you see clearly during frosty, cold weather. 

Hyundai Elantra

  • Price: $11,998 and up
  • Engine: 4cyl, Gas 2.0L
  • MPG: 29-38

A sedan of choice, the Hyundai Elantra is comfortable, sleek, and has amazing fuel efficiency. This car is as dependable as it is reasonably priced. The SE series includes front-wheel drive, 147 horsepower @6200rpm, and 14 gallon fuel capacity that will ensure you’ll never get stranded. Among some of its handy features, you can expect power mirrors, side and overhead airbags, and 14.4 cubic feet of trunk space so you can carry everything you need! 

Nissan Sentra

  • Price: starting at $11,998
  • 1Engine: 4cyl, Gas 1.8L
  • MPG: 27-36

The Nissan Sentra is both compact and features amazing specs without skimping on fuel efficiency, safety features, and consistent updates. Great for families and singles who need a car that meets a strained budget. Along with a variable automatic transmission, the Nissan Sentra also features remote keyless entry on its latest models, 15.1 cubic feet of trunk space, and a rearview camera. You can’t go wrong with a car that features so much at such a great price. 

Used cars often get a bad rap, but with some forethought, research, and patience, you’ll be able to find a car that fits both your budget and expectations. We’ve chosen these cars because we know they’ll work with people who work hard and need to stretch their budgets while also making a stylish statement. You deserve a practical car that won’t break the bank, and we’re sure you’ll agree these are some great picks!