Benefits of Trucking Jobs in Utah

If you are searching for trucking jobs in Utah, you should know about the many benefits that come with trucking jobs. What most people assume of trucking jobs is much different than the reality of it.

Great Travel and Scenery

Truck drivers get their share of picturesque sights in the United States. The type of views you get to see will depend on the route, but truck drivers will get upfront seats to mountain ranges, landmarks, attractions, and skylines. Truck driving gives opportunities to see the country in ways many people never can.

Great Pay

One of the major perks of the job is the pay. According to the American Trucking Association, the median salary for private trucking companies is $73,000. The median wage for truck drivers in general is about $43,000. Salary will vary by company. With less competition for the jobs, many companies are willing to pay extra. The salary will also depend on the length of travel. Long haul drivers usually get paid more. It can be easier to get promotional pay for truck jobs than in other industries because companies value safe long-term driving and commitment. Not to mention other perks and giveaways like bags, boots, jackets, and Custom Sunglasses in Bulk to use on the job.

Higher Job Security

Unlike some other jobs in the country, trucking jobs in Utah can’t be outsourced so truck drivers have higher job security. The transportation of goods from one place to another is a necessity and there isn’t another way to go about it. Since the trucking industry needs drivers, once you get your foot in the door, you have pretty good security if you maintain a safe driving record.


Truck drivers can get bonuses for several reasons. Some companies will offer a sign-on bonus while others give a bonus for longevity with the company or a great safety record. Since drivers are tracked by mileage, some companies also offer a bonus to top mileage drivers.

Great Benefits

Truck drivers will get solid benefits. Many employers understand that driving is demanding so in addition to better salaries and bonuses, drivers have benefits as well. This can include dental, medical, vacation, and retirement options. Some companies will even offer free training and tuition reimbursement since there is a demand for more drivers. Some will even offer incentives and discounts to health-related programs and gyms in order to ensure good well-being. A truck driving career will offer a good balance between home and work life.

Make a Difference

Just think about it. Everything from the clothes you are wearing to the food you are eating all came on a truck. It can be satisfying to play such a critical role in the world and feel like the work you are doing does matter.