Auto Insurance For Cars That Stays In The Garage

 An immobilized vehicle remains a vehicle… The law is therefore formal because its minimum liability insurance is mandatory unless it is impossible to drive around or totally broke down. However, since you are not using it, you can waive other optional benefits of your insurance policy and significantly lower your premium.

The Obligation To Insure Any Car, Even Immobilized

It requires any owner of a motorized land vehicle, whether he uses it or parked it in his garage, to take out compulsory minimum insurance, known as third-party insurance, covering at least his civil liability in the event of motor crash. The lack of insurance is also severely punishable by law of the country. You are required to pay a particular fixed fine of 547.05 dollars, as well as an additional fine of up to 4102.89 dollars.

Indeed, even a parked car can cause a disaster or problem to the environment:

  • Onboard fuel and battery alone constitute significant risk factors
  • The brakes can also let go, and someone can get hurt by hitting the vehicle;
  • The car may be involved in a collision with another car that would park in the same garage.

At this point, we are not trying to consider all elements here, but it demonstrates the reality of risk. Visit auto insurance in Michigan for more details.

A Car Insurance Contract That Can Be Limited To Civil Liability

The good news is that your insurance premium will melt like snow in the sun. Any options you previously purchased, such as driver assistance or insurance, becomes automaticallyuseless. On the other side, if your car has value, it is advisable to maintain the guarantee of theft.

Reduced to its most unaffected expression, your insurance will cost you almost nothing. It would be a shame to run a risk unnecessarily.

The Exception Of Cars Out Of Service

You have to be aware that insurance is not requiredif your vehicle is not fit to drive.

But the criterion is not just the unrepaired failure that blocks the vehicle. It is still necessary that the battery is deposited, the gas tank emptied or better, removed and that the wheels do not touch the ground.

The case law then considers that the car is no longer able to roll or harm. Be careful, though, placing a car on candles is in itself a risk generator.