Are 3D number plates legal?

When you are buying a private number plate it is not only the letters and numbers that you have to think about, you also have the chance to custom the plate with the lettering style that you choose. 

One popular choice that many people may make is two-tone lettering; which creates a 3D effect. This is definitely different to the standard matte black letters that you see on the usual number plates; but is it something that is allowed within the law?  

What do the DVLA say about number plates?

When it comes to number plates, whether they are standard or private, the DVLA have a strict set of guidelines which need to be followed, The document that covers what is expected of a number plate is quite long; however, there are some key points that you should be aware of. 

  • You should never apply a reflex-reflecting material on the number plate. Nor should the number plate be treated in a way that is going to make the lettering look like retroreflective characters.
  • You should never treat the number plate in a way that makes each character difficult to see or read. This should be to the naked eye and also if it appears on a photo or video image. 

As you can see, the DVLA state that every number plate should be easy to read and that you should be able to tell what the individual characters are. This is the case if you are looking at the number plate yourself, or you are looking at it on an image. 

What about 3D lettering?

You should never allow any 3D effect that you have on the lettering of your number plate to obscure the letters on your plate. In particular this relates to the font and how it is altered in order to fit in with the 3D style.

You should also keep in mind that if you do decide to press the plate and have the letters embossed or raised; then this could also be seen to be illegal. In the most part, if the lettering is made from a two-tone effect, which has reflective qualities; then this is going to be in keeping with the law and is something that looks great too. 

This is because you are only changing the colour of the font, you are not changing how the font will look or how easy it is to read through. 

In order to make sure that you buy 3D lettering that not only looks great, but is fully within the law, it is important that you head to a company that you can trust. They should have an understanding of what the DVLA has set out and be able to deliver number plates which fit in with these requirements. 

Make sure that your car is every inch as stylish as it needs to be. Right down to the number plate. All thanks to a private and personalised number plate which is going to make sure that you always stand out for the right reason.