Screw nut is a part of fasteners, it works together with screw bolts, thread rods, and the bolts or rods should be the same size and same threaded screw as the screw nuts.

Threaded screw nut with different standards for different industry works. the main standards are DIN, ISO, JIS, ASTM/ANSI.

Screw nut works for different fastener projects, the surface finished of screw nuts should be Plain, Black, Zinc plated, Hot Deep Galvanizing

Hexagon nut is our main and strong products, we supply premium quality screw nuts in a variety of dimensions and grades. Hex steel nut can be used for heavy-duty, industrial, lightweight, and even everyday use in automotive, industrial projects.

More than 15000tons of hex steel nut, flange nuts, lock nuts, nyloc nuts, weld nuts, coupling nut that we service for building, construction industrial. Our goal is to make your construction work as smooth and professional as possible. if you have any special requirements for hex nuts, we are glad to service for you in this field.

We pride ourselves in our expertise in the nuts and bolts industry which has created a world of amazing jobs. Hexagons are made to last and are not going to be replaced. Our Hex steel nut is an award-winning product and the market leader among screw nuts in the industry, but it does not only have that. Hexagons are certified top quality for workmanship and durability.

Hex steel nut is a popular screw nut design. Hex carbon steel nut is not only a great choice for construction but also very effective tooling. Hex steel nut is very durable and a standard component in many major construction industry projects. Hex nut can easily be used and can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the project if you’re looking to get extra strength or durability from your nut. Hexagon steel nuts are an amazing product that has been used by millions of people worldwide to building a product, for building any type of product. Hexagon steel nut is used for everything from making an office desk to a factory floor.

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