Alex Ojjeh Shows Off His Black Lamborghini

To his growing fleet of luxury vehicles, Alex Ojjeh has added a very fancy addition.

The investor was posing for a photo with his$400k Aventador, which has a special feature on the rear. The best thing about Alex showing off his Lamborghini is the pose and look on his face in the Instagram shot. Alex’s presence is known to beunapologetically arrogantand intimidating. His demeanor and swagger is always an indicator that he doesn’t give a FUCK!

The Memphis native posted a separate video to his Instagramaccount story showing the car actually spit smoke while revving. This is not the first set of wheels Alex has purchase, but since his court hearinglast year this is the first shot, he posted of himself, having recently been seen out in a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Alex added that he’s not trying to be “modest” in the caption of the photo.

“I celebrate every win. It’s personal” nice things in life are inspiring. So, we thank him for using the account to inspire.


A new favorite among the fleet, and one Alex enjoys most taking out for a spin.

He’s been seen driving around town in his Aventador, as well as sat on in his Instagram posts.

Alex owns ablack Ferrari, which also gets a lot of pictures on the account. A few other cars he’s been seen in are.


Another sportsstaple, Alex reportedly owns two different trucks, a G Wagon and Range Rover.

Both, as you can imagine, are souped-up with the best specification’s money can buy.

An eager onlooker who chased the Lambo through TNgot selfie with the car.

Again, one of the Range Rovers is in his favoritecolor… black.

While us meagre mortals might’ve spend in the hundreds of pounds for our respective partners on presents, Alex just isn’t like us.

And, just to outdo us all, he presented himself with a Bugatti Veyron.

The Veyron is one of the most wanted cars on the planet and has a huge waiting list. But we bet Alex jumped straight to the top of it.