About the BMW Line of SUV’S in Peoria AZ

 Shopping for a new vehicle in Peoria, Arizona, is never an easy endeavor. If you are a BMW enthusiast, then you may already have your mindset that a BMW SUV is the route that you want to go. You already know how space, style, power, and performance all come together into this vehicle line. However, if you are new to the BMW line of SUV’s and considering buying one, then you may want to have some more information before going with this brand.  For more insight, here is a rundown of the essentials so you can solidify your final decision.

The X Series SUV By BMW

The BMW SUV X series line ranges widely, and each series offers impressive features.  For example, the X4 is a compact crossover, which means it is a fastback version of their X3 line. You can purchase this one with either a 2-liter twin-turbo inline 4-cylinder engine and 6-speed automatic, or as a 2-liter twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder engine and an 8-speed automatic.

Even with X4 highlighted, you can drive any style BMW SUV on a diverse range of terrain options. From city streets to challenging mountain trails, you can be confident that there is a perfect fit BMW that can handle it all. You can choose one that has road-gripping traction, or get one with dynamic agility of rear-wheel drive. The best part is that each X model has the capability to be outfitted with the newest innovative technology, meaning your SUV will always up to date no matter what style you choose.

BMW’s Are Extremely Spacious and Luxurious

An element that BMW SUVs are known for is their incredible roomy interior. When you take a look inside any of the SUV models, you will notice that BMW has a luxurious interior and was made for comfort. The SUV line is completely tailored to you as the driver. The aerodynamic design contains leather upholstery, intuitive controls, various seating configurations, and numerous options to make the experience nothing short of amazing.

Performance and Technology

The BMW SUV lineup delivers intense horsepower and excellent handling. From their award-winning engines that can provide up to 617 horsepower and their almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution, BMW SUVs are ideal for anyone looking for a quality BMW. You will want to make sure that you have a certified mechanic for BMW in Peoria Arizona before putting too many miles on it. Having a BMW service center available to work on your SUV if the check engine light goes on will make owning a BMW a stress-free experience.

They are the ultimate driving machine, with implemented innovative technologies that make driving superior. They have many fresh, cutting-edge things, such as windshield HUD touchscreen, which they have specialized in. The helpful tools and driving technical features promote more fun as well as increased driving focus.

Why Choose a BMW SUV

It has been said that BMW is on a mission to rewrite the book of SUVs and put their own spin on it. For example, BMW is calling their sporty vehicles and crossovers SAVs, standing for sport activity vehicles. If you are still unsure which SUV series to choose, there is really no wrong choice when it comes to investing in a BMW SUV.  Each one contains luxurious interior, intense power, and is entirely spacious that makes for ultimate comfortability, performance, and style.