A Few Reasons for Scratches on Your Car

Getting a scratch mark on your car is very common and is difficult to avoid. Often, it may happen even if you are very careful about your car’s maintenance and up keep. Getting scratches on the surface of your car can surely reduce the resale value of your car and it will always be better to sort it out as soon as possible.

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Here we shall discuss a few different reasons why your car may get scratch marks.

  • Bad weather

During extreme weather due to heavy rainfall or snow, there is always a possibility that your car may develop a certain stain. Also, due to excessive sun rays too, the paint may get faded.

  • Bird droppings

If your car remains parked for a very long time uncovered then you may find plenty of bird droppings, which can be one of the leading causes of scratch on your car.

  • Construction sites

If your car is parked near a construction site then the presence of lots of dust surrounding it and also many other unfriendly objects falling on the car can create scratches.

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  • Hedges

If you have to drive to certain places, where there are hedges all around then even if you are a careful driver, you may find scratch marks on your car.

  • Dirty clothes or abrasive cleaners

Often you may use abrasive soaps or dry clothes to clean your car at home that may cause scratches.

  • The front bumper on pavements

Often while driving on the pavements, you may not notice that the front bumper gets hit, and as a result, a scratch mark appears on your car.

  • Kids

If kids play near your car then it is likely that they may hit your car with their ball or some other object that can cause scratches.

  • Other drivers

Often it may happen that due to the carelessness of other drivers, your vehicle may end up with scratches.

  • Car washes

Often during car washing, people may use abrasive brushes to remove the stain mark that can also create a scratch mark on the car.

  • Dirt roads

Driving on the dirt road too can surely cause scratch mark on the body of your car.

  • Parking

If you park your car outside or if you are not careful enough to park your car in a proper position, some other vehicle may hit the car to create a scratch mark.

  • Accidents

If you meet with an unfortunate accident on the road then there will be a lot of scratches on the surface of your car.

  • Careless driving

If you are a new driver or a little careless while reversing your car, you may hit any object and develop a scratch.