6 Essential Safety Tips for Renting A Car

Renting a car is often confusing and troublesome because you are not familiar with the car you have rented and its everything is new to you. At the same time if your destination and the route you are to drive along is not known to you, then the confusion and troubles multiply. These seem to be normal and takes for granted. But these are the factors that cause fatal problems including accidents or tough situations you may not prefer to get involved with. Get in touch with Location Decarie for safe and trouble-free car rental and the best car tour. Find a few safety measures and tips to avoid possible hazards in your car journey.

  • Check with your insurance: Before you rent a car, check and make sure your insurance coverage and understand them. You can even consult with your insurance agent and understand the current coverage of your credit card travel protection.
  • Supplemental car rental coverage: You can include supplemental car rental coverage provision in your insurance, and ensure it covers the destination for which you are renting the car.
  • Road service provision: Make sure to check with your road service provider whether your road service provision extends to car rental for the destination you are looking for. If it does not cover, ask for extending this provision for the trip.
  • Do not forget a flashlight: If your journey is a long one and you expect to travel by night or reach the destination in the night, never forget to take a flashlight or a handlamp along with your carry-on. This will help you in many ways in unpacking your baggage, may be in the middle of your journey for different purposes etc. Include a camera in your carry-on with flashlight which will help you in many ways too.
  • Ensure authenticity of car rental: Ask the car rental agency representative when the car received necessary vehicle maintenance services. The answers should be factual, on record, fluent and accurate. If the representative is not able to answer you in a proper and fluent manner to your satisfaction, you have all the right to be suspicious about the authenticity of the agency and their services.
  • Check with the car: Make sure of each scratch and damages of the car. Never forget that often people pay for the damages caused by others or previous clients. Therefore, check with all the small scratches in the car, bring it to the notice of the car rental agency, and then take the car.