6 Effective Tips To Prepare Your Car For Transport

There will come a time that you would need to move your car. Maybe you are transferring to a new home and you need your vehicle transported from your old home. This can be a huge task to carry out especially if it would be impossible for you to drive your car to the new location. Good thing there are now interstate car movers that you can rely on. These vehicle-transport companies can handle the transformation for you.

Preparation for Auto-Transport

Take note that they will not drive your car to your new home and maybe park it in your new driveway like you expect them to. What they will do instead is to load your car into their multi-car carrying truck and have your vehicle delivered to your new residence. Sometimes, they will have it dropped off to their company’s regional depot.

So how do you prepare your car? These tips can definitely help prepare your vehicle before moving day:

  • Thoroughly Wash Your Car. Washing your car is not only for it to be ready to use once it arrives at your new home. That dirt and dust can hide scratches, dings, and some dents that can possibly happen while in transit. So before the auto transport company picks up your car, make sure that you have washed it thoroughly. If you have a clean car, you can instantly notice any damages once it arrives at its new home.
  • Clean The Interior Of Your Vehicle. During transport, it is normal for your vehicle to be jostled a bit. So to make sure that there are no things that can get tossed around inside your car, clean the interior and remove anything that is not secured like the air fresheners and even your spare change. If you have electronics and other cables and chargers, remove them as well.
  • No Need To Gas Up. Your vehicle will be transported, not driven. So there’s no reason for you to fill up the tank before it is loaded onto the truck. Also, if you have a full tank, it will also make your car heavier. This can be an additional weight which can be a risk to the shipment. If you can, leave as little fuel as possible.
  • Double Check for Any Leaks. Before you have your vehicle transported, have the responsibility to check for any leaks. Double-check the undercarriage. If there are any aggressive leaks, the auto-shipping company might refuse to transport your vehicle. So make sure that you have it repaired fist before you moving day.
  • Disable Your Vehicle’s Alarm System. Your auto-transport company might forget to remind you to disable your alarm. But you would not want to have a heated argument with your truck driver because of your annoying car alarm. So to avoid any problems like this, disable your vehicle’s alarm system.
  • Lock Your Car. Once you have checked everything, lock your car before it gets loaded to the transport truck. There’s no reason for your vehicle to be opened up while in transit. To prevent theft, make sure that you double or triple check the locks.

Of course, you would want to drive your car to your new residence, but if this is not possible, then you have to trust the car moving company that you hire to transport your vehicle. Just follow the tips mentioned above to prepare your car for transport.