4 Things to Do Before Your Next 4WD Adventure

Are you getting ready to escape the city on your next 4WD adventure?

Before you pack up your 4×4 vehicle and hit off-road for your next adventure, it’s important that you take care of a few of the following things to ensure that your four-wheel-drive trip goes off without a hitch. Preparing your off-road vehicle before hitting the open road is essential for ensuring that you get there safely, and you don’t get caught out.

Our 4×4 checklist includes some of the most important off-road tips that we recommend for keeping you safe and ensuring that you don’t get caught out. By understanding your vehicle, expected conditions, and four-wheel driving skill level, you give yourself a much better chance of enjoying a safe and successful 4×4 adventure. 

Do A Once-Over

Make sure that your vehicle is ready to tackle the trip ahead. Before you set off on your next trip begin by checking all of your fluids including your coolant, oil, brake fluid, differential fluid, and windscreen washer fluid. Make sure that there are no leaks and all of your fluids are at the right level. In case of an emergency, it’s a good idea to carry an extra bottle of engine oil and coolant and a very minimum. Ensure that you check your air filter box for any debris and change over to a new one if necessary. Give yourself the best chance of success by fitting reliable and proven 4WD parts and accessories to your vehicle. 
If your 4WD has any obvious mechanical or electrical issues come out important that you address these before you head off.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Tyres

Depending on where you’re going to be taking your four-wheel drive, it might be worth having a separate set of tyres to the ones you use for everyday driving. Having the right tires on your four-wheel drive vehicle could be the most important thing you do before heading off. Ensure that they are at the right pressure and you have an air compressor on hand that you can use to lower or increase the pressure as necessary.

GPS Navigation

With the sheer amount of GPS and navigation devices on the market, there is no excuse not to have a GPS and handheld navigation device for your next off-road trip. The cost of high-quality, accurate handheld GPS devices has gone down significantly over the last decade which means that you should be carrying a backup device in case something goes wrong. Handheld GPS devices are easy to operate and are an essential element in ensuring that you reach your final destination safely. 

Keep Your Eyes Ahead

The most important safety device in your 4WD arsenal is you – the driver. it doesn’t matter whether you’re driving complicated and technical four-wheel-drive tracks, or simple tracks, a momentary lapse in concentration can lead to serious problems when you’re out in the bush. Having the ability to read the road and conditions is essential and it comes with years of experience and practice. If you’re new to 4WD-ing and planning to tackle highly technical or remote four-wheel drive tracks, it’s important that you have someone with extensive experience by your side. Don’t overestimate your ability – the goal is to have fun and return safely.