4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Pressure Washing Your Car

Pressure washers are fun – there’s no denying that. If you’ve ever used one, you’ll have marveled at how quickly and effectively it can clean even the most stubbornly encrusted dirt and muck. But the experts at Parker hose products believe there’s one thing you should avoid power washing at all costs: your car. Here are four reasons why you should stick with more traditional cleaning methods when it comes to your vehicle.

Chipped Paint

If used incorrectly, a pressure washer is no friend of your car’s paint job.  Often, users have the pressure turned up too high, and the water hits the car at speed. If you have any loose flakes or weak areas, the force of the water will tear the paint away. You don’t want to have to invest in a whole new paint job for the sake of having a clean car. Using a standard hose and a soft cloth will clean your surfaces safely.

Cracked Windows

While your car window may appear to be strong and in good condition, a couple of knocks or a spell of freezing cold temperatures can weaken areas of the glass. It won’t take much for a jet blast of water to find a vulnerable spot and cause it to deteriorate further. The risk increases significantly if you already have a crack or a chip in your windshield.

Damaged Tires

A tire looks like it should be able to take a lot more than a stream of water to render it unsafe, but did you know that just five seconds of focused pressurized water hitting your tire wall can weaken the sidewall and leave tiny perforations? More often than not, these imperfections are invisible, and the first a motorist is aware that there’s anything wrong is when they’re traveling at speed on a highway and their tire blows out.

Plastic Trim

Delicate plastic trim areas are not built to withstand being hit by a highly pressurized force. Many parts of your car are secured by an adhesive, which, while strong, is no match for the power a pressure washer exerts. Areas such as badge emblems, molding around your exhaust and tire areas, and trim around your windows should all be washed by hand.

Your car costs too much for you to damage it inadvertently by pressure washing. Invest in a comprehensive hose system and achieve a sparkling finish with no hassle.