2020 Genesis GV80: When Luxury Combines Utility

If you see any of the 2020 Genesis GV80 models the first thing that will cross your mind is, even a crossover SUV can look different if the automaker makes a sincere effort of thinking out of the box. It stands alone in the segment of premium SUV models and has everything rightly placed to allure its buyers, at the first glimpse itself.

Born out of the perfect ratio of costly metal and leather, the 2020 Genesis GV80 takes a big leap towards recreating its model to match all the lofty aspirations of the higher society that the brand attends to.

Impressions from the First Glimpse

At the showroom of the Corona Genesis dealership, when we first got to see the 2020 Genesis GV80, it appeared to us as the best example of a premium luxury utility car that not only gratifies all your physical sense organs, but also quenches your thirst for aesthetics through its looks and good to touch materials.

The 2020 Genesis GV80 can lead the category of family haulers that has a fresh looking face that makes the core component if its design that is further executed in fine detailing touches.

In all perspectives the 2020 Genesis GV80 looks bold and has a sheer appeal that radiates its positive vibes. Comes along the lengthy list of luxury features and niceties that is translated either through the premium quality materials or through the most advanced technologies used in every front.

Technology Supports

To see to it that the shiny finished body of 2020 Genesis GV80 continues to turn the heads while reaching all its occupants safely to their destinations, the automaker adds a second layer of protection by installing dual blind-spot cameras feeding all possible information to the digital dashboard, a first-to-third-row communicating intercom, and mood lighting to make every ride a memorable one.

To enhance the level of visibility for the drivers, Genesis makes good use of predictive adaptive damping with the use of a camera that can read the road lying ahead, in case the driver misses out on anything troublesome. The 2020 Genesis GV80 much like the Mercedes Benz uses ‘augmented reality’ for better navigation while its ‘active motion’ near the driver’s seat instantly starts inflating between the first-two rows of seats.

Unique Body Design

The 2020 edition of Genesis GV80 can be best described as a characterful machine that uses high quality metal to ensure long-term reliability as well as in-car safety for all. Our visit at the Genesis Corona dealership showroom brought us back with an impression that it resembles to quite an extent with the looks of Bentley somewhere but takes a different turn towards an adventurous styling particularly because of its ride height that is gained from the 22-inch wheels.

The body of the 2020 Genesis GV80 glitters in full gloss because of its satin paint finish while some part of it also carries some semi-gloss effect from its brawny bodylines that are heavily creased. The front grille looks extremely humongous, while the signature Quad Lamp LED lighting bracketing the long bonnet and the D-pillar help in escalating the outward visibility even from the third row, all unite to create its homogenic stylized form.