11 Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Be Charged With Reckless Driving


Reckless driving is one of those charges that just spell doom for any driver. Anytime you see “reckless” on the charge, you definitely don’t want to be on the losing side. Fortunately, reckless driving lawyers can help you fight and win against the reckless driving charge. You just have to make sure that you inform them of everything that you can remember.

Reckless driving has many consequences that can affect not only your driving privilege but potentially your career as well even if it does not involve driving at any capacity or if it’s just a commute to and from your work.

  1. You can get fined

Different states may have different amounts when it comes to the fine, but you will get fined if you do get charged with reckless driving even if it’s your first time.

  1. You can get demerit points on your license

Cumulative points in some states could lead to you potentially losing your license. If you already have charges in the past, getting demerit points for reckless driving could be the final blow.

  1. You can face jail time

Reckless driving can lead to jail time in many states. While for others, you won’t face jail time until the second or third charge.

  1. You can have your license suspended

When you’re convicted of two or more reckless driving charges inside of 18 months, you can have your license suspended. You might also have to attend seminars that can take away time from other activities.

  1. You can get a permanent criminal record

Getting reckless driving lawyers to help you fight and win a reckless driving charge is important if you want to avoid having a permanent criminal record under your name.

  1. You can get an increase in your insurance premiums

Paying for the fines involved in reckless driving charges isn’t the only thing you’ll have to worry about when you get charged. You will also see an increase in your insurance premiums.

  1. You can lose your job

A reckless driving charge while on company time can easily affect the reputation of the company you work for which gives them grounds on letting you go.

  1. You can have your personal life affected

Some people look differently at those who have been charged with reckless driving even if it was only for one time. While this may not affect you directly early on, you will definitely notice it.

  1. You can be treated differently by friends and family

Those who know you may also treat you differently because of the reckless driving charge. They might no longer feel safe being driven around by you.

  1. You can have a tough time leaving the country

Combined with the criminal record, it’s incredibly tough to go to certain countries that have strict provisions on letting those with specific crimes in.

  1. You can lose a lot of time and money

Fighting a charge takes a lot of time and money, but you will also feel a lot of emotional ups and downs during a case which could be exhausting.

If you are looking for reckless driving lawyers to help you get out of a sticky situation, contact one of our lawyers at Bolger Law Firm.